Salvadoge with a happy face

El Salvadoge Project

The NFT project with a true purpose.

About us

Here at the El Salvadoge Project we are passionate about creating something uniquely special. We are creating a truly innovative project that provides real world intrinsic value to the community of our NFT Adopters and well needed care to the street dogs in El Salvador.

Our Mission

Salvadoge with a Salvador flag

Open a self sustainable, carbon negative beach hotel and dog sanctuary. Providing a 5 star hang out for visitors and a magnificent dog sanctuary to provide veterinary care, food and love for the street dogs of El Salvador.

Solar panels will be installed on the roof and the adjacent land to provide renewable energy all year round. Over at the dog sanctuary, we will have a biomass boiler creating biochar to enhance the soil carbon levels and feed our trees from our piles of dogshit.

The hotel will be open for bookings in 2022 with NFT holders getting priority and discounts. 10 selected NFT holders will receive an all inclusive trip to the El Salvadoge beach hotel.

This is your chance to adopt an El Salvadoge and be involved in a truly special NFT project.


1 • Adoption will go live on the 7th November 2021, be ready to save the dogs.

2 • First and most important, we want to honour or promise to help the dogs so, $20,000 will be shared between 3 different charities helping the dogs in El Salvador. 10 % 1000 Adopted

3 • The First 1420 Early adopters will be rewarded with a special Golden Doge Lottery ticket of $100,420.69

4 • First 2500 Adopters will be entered into a draw for $25,000 and one all Inclusive trip to the El Salvadoge Hotel.

5 • Community wallet updated with 25% of the profit from your adoptions. 75%

6 • We will buy premises for The El Salvadoge Hotel . 100%


Next Steps

Make it Green

Solar Panels will be installed over at the hotel to help us achieve our goal of being carbon neutrality. The dog sanctuary will receive its own solar panels along with it’s biomass boiler.

Local Help

Weekly mobile care centers will be set up in different areas in El Salvador to provide food, water and veterinary care to local and street dogs.

Open for Business

The El Salvadoge Hotel will be open for business - We will be taking bookings for people to come and experience what we have to offer at the El Salvadoge Hotel.


We will be working on our media presence through partnerships, sponsorships and collaborations to elevate the El Salvadoge Project Brand.

Create Together

We will be looking for artists, brands and creators to incorporate into the project. We will be holding community events worldwide.


50% Of total adoptions will go to the El Salvadoge Project.

25% Will be used to pay off our debts and Hodl the rest until the moon.

25% Will be Stored in the community wallet for the online progression of the project, rewards and marketing initiatives.

Meet the Team

Will NFT


Founder and CEO. Rescuing dogs since 1994. Recovering degenerate trader. Dreaming about using crypto to create a better world.

Julie NFT


Artist and marketing advisor. Ran the memes page of her University. Mother of a Maltipom that fills 90% of her camera roll.

Alex NFT


Webdesigner and blockchain expert. Former obsessive gamer. Committed to helping dogs despite being allergic.

Contact us

If you have any questions, reach out on any of our platforms below! See you soon in El Salvador.